Statement of Safety

Since beginning our acquisition of LLL Transport, Inc., my concern for safe operation of our equipment has been a primary focus, each and every day.

Our goal is to offer our customers and the general public a driver that is knowledgeable in all facets of Safety. Throughout our hiring process, orientations and continuous training we will continue to strive to be the most diligent employer with focus on our employee and their ability to operate safely.

Of significant importance, is that we not lose sight of the constant exposure that our equipment will incur on the highways. All types of weather elements, traffic conditions, road construction, non attentive general public drivers and the unknown will require LLL drivers to be Defensive Drivers.

Here at LLL Transport, we can and do take pride in our drivers and will continue to support them and our Safety Department in education, training and materials needed to deliver a strong Safety Program.
Our efforts will always be directed toward controlling our preventable accident rate. Proactive detection of non-compliant drivers will be continuous and our Safety management will be diligent in corrective actions.

All employees of LLL Transport are encouraged to submit idea(s) as to how we can best control preventable accidents. Submit your thoughts to our Safety personnel for consideration.

Driving and working together as a team will make us a strong and recognized company. Our approach is to operate a safe fleet in a defensive driving method.

Sincerely Gary Waller
Chief Executive Officer

An award winning company

LLL Transport doesn’t mess around when it comes to safety. Year after year LLL Transport wins awards for our hard work with safety and regulations. In 2015 we were recognized by Great West Causality Company with two National Awards:

Platinum Award for Outstanding Achievement in Safety 2014
Gold Award For Outstanding Achievement in Workplace Safety 2014.

Also the past few years we have been ecstatic to receive the Great West Safety Award – 2011, 2012, and 2013. At LLL Transport, we pride ourselves in keeping our employees and the general public safe, thus we hope to continue to be one of the safest and most outstanding carriers in the industry.


Rhonda Altis leading Safety Orientation Training                                                                               John Zahner and Brett Carmical Holding the 2014 Safety Awards
Rhonda Leading Safety Orientation